Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

About Us

Madam Way Food Supplies is an authentic Malaysian flavour ready to eat or ready to cook food provider to the Retail, Processor and Foodservice markets in Malaysia and overseas. We offer a vast array of food sauces & pastes, noodles, canned products and involve in food OEM services for our valued customers.


It is always our mission to deliver the highest quality, competitively priced food products to you.


Our manufacturer team comes with 19 years’ experience, specialize in food sauces R&D and provide consultation service to OEM customer.


源自于马来西亚风味的食材,酱料,有南洋海鲜口味的,各式口味的。美味故乡口味,让你赞不绝口难以忘怀,配上佳肴更是美味可口。只要粘一粘就会让整个食物提升味儿。Madam Way Food Supplies供应一系列可以即时帮你解决食材方面的料理食品,例如酱料,方便面,罐头和OEM服务。经营通路遍及全马和海外的零售与餐饮市场。